U St Warriors

A New Adventure

The Mayor of Winterhaven offers an intriguing reward..

The adventurers recollect after slaying Kalarel; wearied and beaten, but victorious. Tromed lifts his weighty mace and smashes it down through Quareen’s arm to sever his hand, allowing the adventurers to raise the dead Quareen in Winterhaven.

Upon return to the town of Winterhaven, the adventurers are greeted with warm welcome. Wine, ale, mead, and grain alcohol flow freely, as the townsfolk lavish praise and free drinks upon the victorious adventurers. The next day everyone wakes up hungover as shit.

The Mayor of Winterhaven rewards the adventurers with an ancient scroll in an undecipherable script. He warns them that possessing the scroll led to his adventuring party continually being challenged by enemies, trying to possess the scroll. The scroll must be of great value, somehow, but the Mayor was not interested in it, having lost many dear friends to the scroll’s effect.

The adventurers decrypt the scroll, with the help of Valthrun the Prescient. The scroll tells of a great treasure to be found in the city of Whitefall. Without delay, the adventurers pack up and depart to search for the treasure.

One day’s travel out from Whitefall, the adventurers are set upon by a band of slavers. Tromed, on night watch, is lax in his duty, and fails to notice the slavers until they are immediately upon the adventurers’ camp. In battle, The Nameless One warps the fabric of reality to teleport himself and Tromed to subsequent enemies, slaying each in turn. However, Quareen is knocked unconscious and reaches the brink of death before being stabilized by Zylarra. The adventurers fight off the slavers, lastly slaying their trained attack dog.

As the adventurers shake off the battle, and try to understand Tromed’s remarkably inept night-watch (I mean, come on, we give you one job), they wonder what they will find tomorrow in the city of Whitefall.



A New Adventure

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