U St Warriors

Boar no more

After defeating the bats, the adventurers decided it was time to face Boar, the unknown leader of the wererats. They debated taking a rest, but decided that the risk of discovery was too high and they still had sufficient energy to defeat Boar.

The adventuers crawled through another Kruthik tunnel and sent Loki ahead to spy on the large dug-out cavern ahead. The adventurers found themselves looking upon the back of a large throne carved from the corpse of the now-deceased Kruthik Queen. The area immediately in front of the thone was hidden from view, but it was flanked by three large humans and in front of it was a large cage holding the wererats previously befriended by the adventurers.

From what they could hear, a wererat was being interrogated over the missing egg from the Kruthik hatchery. The adventurers decided to attack immediately, so as to keep the benefit of surprise. Loki threw his magical dagger, Domokos fired a bolt of crackling, eldritch energy and Quareen used his Magic Missile to damage the nearest human. Tromed, eschewing the safety of the platform, and deducing that the real threat must be seated in the throne, leaped to the top of the throne and swung his great hammer Mort the Mordenkrad into Boar. The glorious attack inspired him, and all his attacks against Boar were more accurate and powerful. Loki took advantage of the distraction caused by Tromed’s heroic leap to rush to the cage holding the wererats and open it so they could join the fight.

Finally, the enemies were able to overcome their surprise, and launch a counterattack. All of the humans shapeshifted into boars, and engaged the adventuers. Loki was quickly attacked by one of the boars while the other two decided to gang up on Domokos, Quareen and Kqwinn. Awoken by the noise of combat, werebats emerged from the darkness on the south side of the room and attacked KQwinn with their flyby attacks.

Loki, with the assistance of the freed wererats, was able to quickly dispatch his wereboar, but not before being bitten. Loki and the wererats moved to assist Tromed against Boar, who launched vicious attacks everytime he was hit. The wererats distracted Boar with a series of feints, and Loki was able to launch a trick strike. Tromed wound up his hammer and delivered a truly crushing blow to Boar’s chest, shattering his ribcage and pulverizing his internals. Boar fell to the ground dead.

Meanwhile, Domokos, Quareen and Kqwinn focused on killing one of the smaller wereboars. Domokos was wounded grievously and Kqwinn realeased a burst of divine energy to heal Domokos. Domokos escaped the melee by jumping off the platform and continuing to launch his dark, eldrich magic at the werecreatures. With Domokos out of reach, the enemies focused on Quareen, and quickly knocked him unconcious. Domokos killed the weakened wereboar, and Kqwinn revived Quareen. With Boar now dead, Loki and Tromed moved to surround the remaining wereboar and the flitting werebats. The werebats tried to escape the adventurers, but the combined power of Domokos, Kquinn, Loki, Tromed, and Quareen quickly dispatched them.

The adventurers searched Boar’s body for treasure and found two letters, two figurines and a magical amulet. One of them was orders from The Maned One, who instructed Boar to conquer Whitefall and make it a haven for lycanthropes. The other was from a mage named Earl the Red who conducts experiments on Kruthiks. He offers to buy the Kruthik Queen egg from Boar.

Encounter Summary
Experience: 175

  • Amulet of Protection +2
  • Bone Statue of Boar in boar form (225 gp)
  • Bone Statue of a shifting wereboar wielding a maul (225 gp)

Two unexplored tunnels lead off of the room, one to the west and one to the south. The adventurers can hear the sound of water from the western tunnel, which slopes noticeably upwards. The southern tunnel leads off into darkness. The group decides to rest, and leave the choice of tunnel for the following day.



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