U St Warriors

Down with the Demon

The PCs awake in the lair of deceased Kruthik Queen. The bodies of lycanthropes lie scattered around them, and the wererats huddle in a small group talking rapidly.

Suddenly, from one of the tunnels, comes a boar. The adventurers, fearing that more lycanthropes await, draw their arms and prepare for combat. However, the boar shifts into the form of an elf, and greets the adventurers. Content Not Found: talawen, a druid from a secretive coven, was sent to spy upon the lycanthropes. She was to determine the location of The Maned One, a vengeful shifter, bent on creating a world devoid of non-lycanthropic life. Talawen decides to join the adventurers, hoping that in the future, they will assist her in defeating the Maned One, but content for now to join them in ridding the slums of the evil Berbalang.

The adventurers decide to head into the westward tunnel, which slopes upwards and leads to an underground offshoot of the White River. They decide to plunge into the flow, and successfully escape the caverns, only to find themselves back in the Slums, in the river near Fleet Street. They swim to shore, and decide to move on to fight the Berbalang.

After reentering the Temple of Bahamut, the adventurers encounter Imeem, who has spent the time meditating and praying to Bahamut. He tells the adventurers that they should press on, and he will pray for divine assistance in their fight against the Berbalang.

The adventurers move to the top of the tower and find a belltower. The Berbalang flies from behind the bell and quickly duplicates, leaving the adventurers with multiple enemies to fight. The bell swings back and forth, and makes contact with adventurers and Berbalang alike, dazing them for a short time. Loki, Tromed, Zylarra, Domokos, and Talawen engage the Berbalang, and quickly defeat two of its duplicates. However, the damage dealt by the Berbalang’s cunning attacks begins to add up, and both Zylarra and Tromed lie close to unconciousness. The quick appearance of Quareen and Chaedi gives the group the edge, and the Berbalang is quickly defeated.

The adventurers search the tower for treasure, and find numerous magical items and valuable gems. When they speak with Imeem, he rewards them with some items found in the Temple’s armory. Then, they find Sergeant Jenkins, who leaves the district to report to his superiors that the murderer has been stopped.



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