U St Warriors

Entering Whitefall

The slums are troubled; plague, disappearances and death.

The adventurers finish their travel to Whitefall and decide to enter the Merchant District. As they approach the wall, they notice armed guards regularly patrolling the city’s battlements. The gates of the Merchant District are locked, and the adventurers request admittance from the guards. The adventurers learn that the guards are mercenaries and that the Merchant District is closed to anyone not vouched for by a merchant within. The adventurers ponder the logic of this entry requirement, and wonder how they can possibly obtain a voucher without being able to meet with any merchants.

Thwarted at their first entry point, the adventurers decide to enter the Whitefall Slums. The adventurers are allowed to enter by the volunteer guards at the gate, on the condition that they hurt no one, or face the harsh justice of the slums.

Upon entry, the adventurers decide to head for the The Dirty Goblet, the only inn in the district. On their way, they notice that a general malaise affects the citizens, who seem downtrodden, sick, and hungry. They are approached by a Tom the Urchin, who offers to help them around town for a copper a day and all the alcohol he can drink.

At the Dirty Goblet, the adventurers meet Imeem, Sergeant Jenkins and Roland Firebeard. Imeem asks the adventurers to assist him in cleansing the Temple of Bahamut in Whitefall. (A Light in the Darkness) Jenkins enlists their help finding a murderer who preys on beggars down on Fleet Street, by the river. (Demon of Fleet Street) He also informs them that a plague has beset the slums, and that is one reason the other districts do not allow entry.

The adventurers decide to investigate the murder, and Jenkins brings them to a refuse pile, which contains the bones of the most recent victim. The bones are picked clean, and Shallton notices small teeth marks. The adventurers are not able to identify the marks, so they head down to Fleet Street to ask around. There, they talk to Old Flem a fortuneteller, who offers to divine the spirits for a bit of copper. She tells them that they will live long and happy lives, and be very rich. Unsatisfied with her answers, the adventurers intimidate her and learn that her son was attacked by a flying demon. He refuses to come out of his shed and the adventurers decide to question him.

Sean tells them of a flying demon that attacked him in the night. He took off running and was able to escape, but suffered a nasty leg bite. The bite marks matched those on the bones. After listening to his story, the adventurers set off to ask Imeem if he has any knowledge or would be able to offer aid to help them in this quest. He refuses, saying he needs to focus on rebuilding the Temple of Bahamut.

The adventurers decide to set a trap for the demon, and pay Tom the Urchin to drink himself to sleep in the streets. They set up on top of or inside buildings surrounding the sleeping Tom, and plan to ambush the demon when it attempts to feed. Quareen and Domokos see a flying silhouette against the moon, and it swoops lower and lower as it notices the sleeping urchin. When it lands, Shallton uses Dimension Swap to teleport Tom out of harms way and take his place in the battle. The demon is surprised, and Tromed and The Nameless One engage the demon while Domokos and Quareen blast it from above. To the adventurers surprise, the demon begins to split, and generates duplicates of itself. When they attack the original, instead of taking damage, it somehow redirects the force to one of its duplicates. Soon, The Nameless One is knocked unconcious, and Quareen teleports down from the roof to bring him back into the fight. Just as the adventurers are finally killing duplicates, the original demon flies away, and the duplicates disappear, unable to remain distant from their creator.

Suddenly, a group of wererats, supported by numerous other rodents, attack the adventurers and try to drag them back into the sewers. The adventurers successfully fight off the rats, but not before The Nameless One succumbs to some sort of disease.

Encounter Summary
Experience: 150



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