U St Warriors

Winterhaven Saved

But the victory was far from flawless

Kalarel’s plan to summon the Demon Lord Orcus was stopped just in time, and the town of Winterhaven has been saved.

The adventurers located a temple deep within the Keep on the Shadowfell, and discovered a most unholy ritual. Blood flowed from all four corners of the room into a central pit, and the room was filled with vampires, shades, beserkers and an Underpriest of Orcus. They were able to defeat Kalarel’s rear guard with only a few close calls, as adventurers were knocked unconscious, and noticed chanting coming from the pit.

Four massive bloody chains descended down into the hole, hanging for 50 feet until they reached a pool of blood. The adventurers attempted to slide down the chains, but Quareen and Domokos failed, and fell the full 50 feet.

Once they reached the bottom, they faced skeletons, a shallowgrave wight, The Thing in the Portal and Kalarel himself. Most of the skeletons were dispatched quickly, but the adventurers soon learned that once close to the shallowgrave wight, undead minions are unable to remain dead. The adventurers dispatched the wight, and began to focus their attacks on Kalarel. Meanwhile, The Thing in the Portal used its demonic claws to damage the adventurers, and continued to focus its unholy energies on healing Kalarel. As the party neared death, with most of its healing surges exhausted, they were able to kill Kalarel, and successfully closed the portal. However, the battle was not without its costs. Soon after failing to slide down the chain, Quareen was attacked by Kalarel’s Rod of Ruin and killed, decimated by Kalarel’s critical hit.

The town of Winterhaven is saved, and the adventurers found much treasure deep within the Keep on the Shadowfell. They should return to town to claim their reward, and discover what new adventures await them in the future.



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