Item Wish List Guide

I will provide you with the level of item that you need to pick. The books that have items listed are Player’s Handbook 1, Player’s Handbook 2, Player’s Handbook 3 and the Adventurer’s Vault. Pick two items of that level and place them on your wish list page in the following format:

Level [x]

  • Item 1 ([Book found in] p.[page number])
  • Item 2 ([Book found in] p.[page number])

When you pick an item, you can choose from one level higher or lower than the level specified for you. This +1 or -1 can be balanced out on your next weapon pick. You cannot go further than 1 in either direction.

The following slots are available for magic items:

  • Armor: provides a bonus to AC. Add the enhancement bonus to the base AC of the armor type to get the total AC bonus.
  • Neck Slot Items: provide a bonus to Fortitude, Reflex and Will defense.
  • Weapon: provides a bonus to attack and damage rolls to all attacks made using the weapon. This is basic attacks and powers that use the Weapon keyword.
  • Implement (Orbs, Rods, Staves, Wands): provide a bonus to attack and damage rolls to attacks made with the implement. This is powers that have the Implement keyword.
  • Arms Slot: Shields and bracers that either protect you and allies from harm or provide a bonus to some attacks attack. Many of these provide a daily power and no further benefit.
  • Feet Slot: Boots and greaves enhance speed, provide additional movement and can assist in specific movement situations.
  • Hands Slot: Gloves and gauntlets contain powers that assist with skill checks, increase attack and damage rolls, and even allow you to reroll in some situations.
  • Head Slot: These items contain powers that enhance Intelligence-based and Wisdom-based skills, increase damage, and enhance senses.
  • Rings: Magic rings provide properties and powers that aid characters in a variety of ways, from healing and skill use to flying and teleportation. A character can wear and gain the benefit of up to two magic rings (one on each hand). If you are wearing more than two magic rings, none of your magic rings function.
  • Waist Slot: Belts contain powers that improve Strength-based skills, healing, and resistances.
  • Wondrous Items: This category includes some of the most useful and interesting items in the game. They don’t take up item slots and don’t fall into any other classification.

Item Wish List Guide

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