U St Warriors

To Bahamut's Temple

A demon awaits the adventurers in the top of Bahamut's temple

The adventurers woke up in the best room 5 copper can buy at The Dirty Goblet (it had a lock), and felt well rested after the beating they took from the demon. They immediately went downstairs to seek out Imeem the travelling monk for any insight he may have about the multiplying demon. Upon hearing about the appearance and fighting tactics of the demon, Imeem informs the adventurers that it is a Dingbat. Imeem is quite distressed that the Dunkaroo has shacked up in the Temple of the Platinum Dragon, and recruits the adventurers to cleanse the tower, promising them any treasure that they may find. And so, the brave warriors set out to smite the Dumbledore at the tower’s peak and claim their rewards.

The adventurers were greeted at the entrance of the temple by two guards in front of an enormous stone blocking the main doorway. The guards refuse to open the doors of the temple. Many years ago, the slums were overrun with Drakes. The townsfolk were able to herd the Drakes into the temple, barricade the door, and no one has ever entered since. However, with Chaedi’s excellent diplomatic skills, the team is not only able to enter the temple, but also to exit if they use the secret knock on the door.

As the adventurers venture into the temple, they find a cathedral-like space as dark as the depths of Lord Orcus’ portal. Quareenlights up the grand space with his wand and looming ahead the party sees six drake creatures: 3 acid-spitting drakes , a rage drake, a swarm of tiny gnat-like drakes, and a flying killer drake. Tromed is immediately covered in acid spit, making the temple smell of burning hair. The battle is fierce! Loki and Tromed overpower the rage drake and render its attacks ineffective; Zylarratakes a barrage of fly-by attacks from the killer drake and is knocked prone by the drake swarm; and Quareen retreats, sending magic missiles whizzing everywhere. Imeem engages the acid drakes, using his drunken monkey and dragon tail attacks, and Chaedi crucially heals everyone. When all other enemies are dead, the warriors converge on the killer drake and rid the temple of his lizardy spirit.

Encounter Summary
Experience: 150

Following the battle, Imeem encourages everyone to kneel at the altar and pray to Bahamut. In doing so, the party feels themselves getting stronger from the silver dragon’s god-like powers. Only Loki respectfully declines, for he will pray to none other than Allah. The adventurers look around and see two staircases, one to the basement and one to the tower. They decide to first explore the basement in hope that they may find treasure to help them defeat the Dipshit upstairs.

In the basement, lie mysterious sarcophagi lining the basement walls and a maze of tunnels connecting the basement rooms. In the far room, the adventurers discover a Kruthik hive lord, and as they prepare to attack, Kruthik minions emerge from the tunnels and flank the warriors. The hive lord’s flaming attack is powerful and the Kruthiks are numerous. The party is quickly dazed, weakened, slowed, and generally overwhelmed. Just as all seems lost, Quareen summons Ҫtaicey, his trusty fire orb, and the tide of the battle begins to shift. The warriors muster the strength to defeat the smaller kruthiks and surround the hive lord in the doorway to the back room. As the warriors pummel the hive lord, Tromed is absolutely incapable of saving himself from being slow, week, blind, deaf and dumb. When the battle is finally over, and everyone recovers, Tromed is critically saved!

Encounter Summary
Experience: 175

  • Duelist’s Dagger
  • Iron Armbands of Power
  • Ivory Statue of a Knight (340 gp)



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